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Embodied Cognition

Can movement practices help us deepen the connexion with our cells ? With our breath and a sense of safety in the body ? And do these effects impact our Mood ? Our wellbeing in general ? What are the active ingredients for our health ?

This is what are exploring many scientists around the globe such as Peter Wayne and his coleagues at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine.

Considering the Mind-Body Unite as a whole, they show us how therapeutic movement practices such as Tai Chi and Qi Qong (and Yoga) can be ; help soothing anxiety and depression, help increase the sense of Self and deepen the relationship with our sensations so we can feel safe, practice after practice, inside the body, inside the feelings.

"Although the interdependent relationship between body posture and mental state has not been experimentally evaluated within contemporary research on TCQ or other mind-body practices [e.g., yoga, meditation; but see Shapiro et al. (Shapiro and Cline, 2004)], the expanding field of embodied cognitive science provides a theoretical framework with supporting empirical evidence for investigating this relationship (Varela et al., 1991; Barrett, 2011)."

- Peter Wayne

Adding : "Embodied cognitive science emphasizes that the body not only plays a strong causal role in supporting cognitive processes but also that bodily processes can serve as proper parts of the cognitive processes themselves (Shapiro, 2010). For example, models of embodied cognition emphasize that higher level conceptual processes, as well as chronic mood states, are fundamentally grounded in bodily experiences (Gibbs, 2006; Handbook of Cognitive Science, 2008; Barsalou, 2010). Research focused on gestures has highlighted the coordination of talk with bodily action, demonstrating the multimodal nature of communication, including expression of emotion (Goldin-Meadow, 2003; McNeill, 2005)."

> > > The nature of our body is to constantly communicate with the external environment while the internal systems work together. Body-Mind practices support the various processes that make us unique and marvellous as Human Beings.

Discover more about Peter Wayne on this great podcast episod :

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