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Elisa Jouannet

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Embodiement Journey

It takes courage to start the self inquiery process necessary to unfold what it means to us, individually, to be embodied in the collective.

Finding clues along the way that bring me to the center, the core of my essence, I learn to let go the external expectations. I learn that fashion is meant to be forgotten so why to hold onto preconceived ideas that aren't mine.

Day after day, practice after practice, I embody my own rhythm. Accepting to flow down for living it for real. Taking the time I need to reveal my inner potion to the world.

Embodying the values that feel right to me in order to be in the continuity of my own journey. Sometimes I feel strong, aligned and thoughtful, sometimes I am distracted by other's expression of their own purpose.

This is when I need to slow the pace down.

This is Life calling me back within my skin, within my lungs, breathing deeply each of my fears to release their burning poison.

Because yes, a human being is made of fears. And yes, underneeth these waves we can still awaken our truth. The game of playing real always comes with both sides of the same coin.

Embodied, self-embodied, means holistically, being fearfull and fearless.

Imperfect. Perfectly imperfect.

Much Love



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