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Julie, the wild spirit

Dernière mise à jour : 11 oct. 2020


Julie Mangaud

Julie. Julie appeared like a gift into my life.

I wanted to co-create some workshops about holistic wellness, yoga and art. Searching for some inspiration online, I am so blessed to have found her wonderful Facebook page that attracted me so much.

I knew. I knew it was exactly the soul I needed to meet to grow, as a yoga teacher and as a human being.

Everything was really easy ! Sharing some messages, meeting in the forest to talk about our common project, choosing some visuals and it was done! Too easy not to be the right road, you see ?

Last summer we have animated a beautiful and authentic workshop to introduce the idea of « listening the Life within our body ». Actually, it was my birthday. Such a beautiful renewing.

Julie. Julie is a living peom deeply connected with every form of being and sharing her passion for a joyful consciousness thourgh inner travels in our everyday life to support people along their transformative path.

Balancing Masculine and Feminine energies and revealing the power of Life through energetic healing technics, chamanism and even weddings !

Julie listens, smiles and offers her high sensitive vision of the world ૐ

You can find more about this gorgeous woman here : (french only) and follow her on instagram here :

(English and french below)

1. What drives you ?

Joy. Love. Laughs. Liberations. Comprehensions. Discover who is really existing behind the masks and through the truths.

I am fascinated by the intelligence of Life playing the miror game full of resonances.

La joie, l'amour, les libérations, les compréhensions. Voir réellement l'autre derrière ses masques et protection, et aussi dans ses vérités.

Je suis fascinée par l'intelligence de la vie dans son jeu de miroir et résonnance.

2. What is the first thing that you do in the morning ?

I open my eyes!

J'ouvre les yeux!

3. The most beautiful gift you have ever recieved ?

A reunion gathering with a relative with whom I live a balanced moment full of well-caring.

Une retrouvaille avec un être connu et aimé avec qui je goûte la bienveillance harmonique entre autres choses.

4. You have ever gifted ?

Non-material gifts like a massage, a travel or a song.

Actually I cannot say which gift was beautiful, only the person I gave the gift to could tell you…

J'aime faire des Cadeaux non matériels, comme un massage, un voyage, ou des objets symboliques, une chanson. Je ne saurai pas dire le plus beau cadeau offert à l'autre... C'est l'autre qui pourrait te dire...

5. A self-love ritual ?

To name myself with my first name and bring it into my pelvis.

To spend time with my inner child.

To offer some oil to my skin.

To offer myself some singing drums healing moments.

To stroke my hair.

To activate my gemotry.

Me nommer de mon nom et le déposer dans mon bassin.

Passer du temps avec mon enfant intérieur.

Offrir de l'huile à ma peau.

Me faire des soins de chants avec le tambour

Me caresser les Cheveux

Activer mes géométries.

6. What is your outflow tool for healing ?

The energy istelf and the life forces. Songs. Singning. Listening. Oils and perfumes.

L'énergie et les forces de vie. Les sons. Le chant. L'écoute.

7. Where do you cultivate your inner peace ?

In my own body altar, my heart’s shelter.

Dans l'autel de mon corps, le refuge de mon cœur. Dans le Silence.

8. What are your plans for the future ?

To listen. To publish my texts and shoot a video clip for my latest song.

To discover the places I want to discover in France (thank’s to my ‘Youpi’ map).

To buy some gloves.

To offer some healing sessions in the hospitals and meditations in jail.

To accompany a mensual group of « inside work » around the multi perceptions in the physical and subtil worlds, inspirational readings, tributes to the living and co-healing…

Create a shooting photo about the self-image and co-write a book with a friend.

Listen to my friend, Life, surprising me.

Ecouter. Publier mes textes et faire un clip de ma dernière chanson.

Découvrir les lieux de ma carte des "youpi" lieux de France.

Acheter des gants.

Faire des soins à l'hôpital et des méditations en prison.

Accompagner un groupe de Travail intérieur chaque mois avec déploiement des poly-perceptions physiques et subtiles, hommages au vivant, lectures inspirationnelles.

Réaliser des shooting photo autour de l'image de soi.

Co écrire un livre avec une amie.

Écouter mon amie la vie me surprendre.

9. What is your word ?

« youpi ! »

10. What is your biggesr self-growth achivement ?

To let go the distrust prism with men.

To let go the expectations while learning to listen.

Actually to surf the waves rather than fighting against the current.

Sortir du prisme de méfiance envers l'homme

Lâcher le Vouloir et avoir appris à Écouter.

En fait, suivre les vagues plutôt que fighter le courant

It was a deep pleasure to interview the gorgeous and sparkling Julie ! Full of wisdom and surprises, with her, we discover the real magic of being alive ! ૐ

Love and tenderness


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